Old East Hill
Preservation District
1870 - 1920

Welcome to Old East Hill!

We are a Historic Preservation District established by the Pensacola City Council in 1992.

Most of the 30 block area of the Old East Hill neighborhood was developed over a fifty-year period from 1970 to 1920.

Much of the neighborhood architecture is original or has been restored or recreated to match the original patterns of that period.

The area has over 300 buildings including a variety of beautiful homes and several small businesses. The neighborhood was designed before the automobile, so the streets are narrow the homes are set close to every sidewalk.

Neighbors make the difference.

A casual stroll through Old East Hill can quickly evolve into fun conversation on the front porch where tips on gardening home upkeep, neighborhood events, etc. are readily shared.

We’re fortunate to have such a small, eclectic community of longtime residents, artists, musicians, writers, photographers, and some of the most gifted storytellers in town!